Generate a company JSON

You can use this tool to generate valid JSON records for the company database. Have a look at this GitHub repository for more details.

Records for supervisory authorities can be generated here.

Generated JSON will be displayed here


  • To load an record in JSON format, pass it as the URL-encoded doc fragment parameter like this:!doc=%7B%22slug%22%3A%20%22datenanfragen%22%7D
  • To prefill future records, set the cookie record_template and fill it with a JSON of the values you want prefilled.
    Delete current template
  • In the phone and fax inputs, press Enter or click the f button to format the respective number.
  • In the name or website input, press Enter to have a slug suggested.
  • In the email input, press Enter to set the suggested transport medium to email.
  • Use the form below to load an existing record from the database. This is equivalent to setting the slug fragment parameter.